About the Creator

Hello, my name is Dozzer, a solo animator.  Cherry Weapon has been an ongoing project since May 2009.  It started off as a flash animation for class with a simple, action-driven story.  Her story has evolved long since, and this site is dedicated to getting that story out there.

Partnered with KOLOSSOL Entertainment, the series has been given a breath of life with the first chapter being fully animated, and it is now up and ready for the community to view and enjoy.  More details to come.



Spending many years controlled by the secret organization named Erecore, Cherry breaks away from her captors and flees for her freedom, using her superhuman abilities against the entity that gave them to her.  Erecore's troops finally catch up to her in the city of Greenswoode and engage her in battle.  Amidst the rubble, Cherry is rescued by a bystander named Noah who attends the nearby college.  There, her life of freedom may finally begin.










18 years old, Noah Hale had just moved into town from across the country.  Starting his life as a freshmen in Harford University of Greenswoode (a well-endowed private school), Noah's life takes a wild, dangerous turn as he strolls into the aftermath of a great battle.  As the dust clears, he spots and rescues a cloaked girl named Cherry, unaware of how much his relationship with her will change his life forever.


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