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Cherry in the Flesh!

Another year, another amazing Fanime! (Except for that blackout that affected pre-reg and at-con registration).  Thanks to all who joined our panel!  We now switch gears back to production mode.

In the meantime, it's my utmost pleasure to feature our friend Jessica (aka "the Shark") and her amazing Cherry cosplay.  The outfit was designed and created by her, and her time and effort to bring Cherry to life couldn't make us prouder.  Sample photos below!  Click here to see the FULL GALLERY!


Cherry Weapon at Fanime Con 2012!

As episode 2 and 3's production continues, I would like to cordially invite everyone to joining us at Fanime Con.  KOLOSSOL is hosting a panel on the 3rd day of the con.  The official title is "Indie Animation: Cherry Weapon."

Save the time and date:

Sunday, May 27th, 12PM-1PM

Location: Panel Room 1

For details on Fanime.com, click here!

If you've had the opportunity to join us back during PMX 2011, I invite you to join us again!  We've got some new content coming your way.  You can't miss it!

About Fanime

Proudly sporting its well-known tagline "By fans, for fans," Fanime is the largest fan-run anime convention on the West Coast (or world? I'm not familiar with other fan-run cons).  If you swing by the San Jose Convention Center on Memorial Day weekend, you'll find yourself neck-deep in the festivities, surrounded by cosplayers and badge-wielding anime fans.  With over 20,000 attendees last year, the con continues to grow. 

Full Panel Listing

Check out the panel's promotional video!  (It might look familiar, in more ways than one).


Cherry Weapon Hosts a Panel at PMX!

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out Pacific Media Expo, a cool intimate con located in the west LA area, make this year THE year to do so!

We at KOLOSSOL will be hosting a special panel about independent animation, where we'll discuss the inner workings of CW and its production stages, as well as inspirations and other neat stuff about it.  It's officially titled "Independent Animation: Project Cherry Weapon."  

Save the date and time!:

Sunday, November 13th 2011, 4pm-5pm @ PMX

Room: Live Programming 2

For those hearing about it for the first time, Pacific Media Expo (wiki link) is a multi-genre convention that brings together con attendees interested in anime, manga, J-rock and pop, both Japanese and Korean Dramas, Asian cinema, gothic lolita, and other various pop cultural interests pertaining to the East Asian/Pacific Rim.  Falls right smack on Veteran's Day weekend.

Interested in attending?  Register for a weekend badge and check out the con, and pay us a visit on Sunday afternoon!  We should be on the second floor.

More info will be available in PMX's convention guide.  Click here for the online schedule.  Click here for a map!