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Under construction

Consider this a soft website launch (soft because there's nothing to show yet).  It's gonna be a while before actual content will appear, so check back in the near future and I'll make every effort to keep this updated.

Please enjoy your stay.  Stuff will come out soon.

Here' s something to look at in the mean time:


How to Beat Snake

By Interrobang Productions

A sample of machinima I created a while back with Interrobang Productions.  You'll appreciate it if you've played Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


"Heart of the Typhoon" - Trigun AMV

For the people that follow AMV's: Yes, this is a Trigun AMV.  Yes, it has a song by Linkin Park.  Before you start hating on it, try giving my AMV a shot.  I guarantee it won't disappoint.  The song just fit and I made it a personal challenge to break commonly low expectations for Linkin Park AMVs.  If you like Trigun even just a little bit, you'll like this.

Anime: Trigun

Music: "By Myself" by Linkin Park

This video is located on my original youtube channel.