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3D Preview of the Main University Set Design







What's up?  A new gallery has been posted up to show the progress a major 3D set for the upcoming episodes.  CLICK HERE for the full gallery.

Animating during the holidays sure is tough (might have something to do with the cold weather and the desire to curl up and sleep).  Episode 2's release will still be a while from now, but the tutorials promised from Episode 1 are also in production and will be released in the near future!  It will start from the basics and will dip into the animation fundamentals later on.  Lots of patience is being asked from anyone eager to see the release, but as always, I intend to make it well worth the wait~.

Harford University of Greenswoode is a prestigious private university that serves as the main location of the Cherry Weapon series.  The gallery shows the main campus quad, where we'll get to witness student life unfold.  The huge main building is the University Atrium, where the college's foot traffic is at its highest, and in front of it stands the college's largest monument.  The overall design is supposed to realistically represent a typical college campus but at the same time bring an outlandish quality to it.


PMX Panel = Complete! Now Back to Work.

Check it out.  A really accurate drawing depicting us at our "Independent Animation" Panel =)  (Dozzer on the left, Seraph on the right).
PMX has come and gone with lots of good memories and photos.  It's a new experience for us to host a panel and we're greatful for the turnout and how well our content was received.
For a quick recap, Seraph and I set up the stage for our Keynote Presentation.  We introduced ourselves as KOLOSSOL Entertainment and discussed Cherry Weapon's relationship to independent animation.  We then premiered episode 1 for the first time in front of a live audience and discussed key story elements.  Afterwards, we finished our time slot by outlining the step-by-step process of CW's animation style and holding a Q&A.
Many thanks to our fellow con attendees who joined us and a huge shout out to the LB crew for supporting us and helping us promote the panel.  Now that that's over with, must get back to work.  Episode 2 AND episode 3 are in the works, as well as animation tutorials.  Stay tuned.



Cherry Weapon Hosts a Panel at PMX!

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out Pacific Media Expo, a cool intimate con located in the west LA area, make this year THE year to do so!

We at KOLOSSOL will be hosting a special panel about independent animation, where we'll discuss the inner workings of CW and its production stages, as well as inspirations and other neat stuff about it.  It's officially titled "Independent Animation: Project Cherry Weapon."  

Save the date and time!:

Sunday, November 13th 2011, 4pm-5pm @ PMX

Room: Live Programming 2

For those hearing about it for the first time, Pacific Media Expo (wiki link) is a multi-genre convention that brings together con attendees interested in anime, manga, J-rock and pop, both Japanese and Korean Dramas, Asian cinema, gothic lolita, and other various pop cultural interests pertaining to the East Asian/Pacific Rim.  Falls right smack on Veteran's Day weekend.

Interested in attending?  Register for a weekend badge and check out the con, and pay us a visit on Sunday afternoon!  We should be on the second floor.

More info will be available in PMX's convention guide.  Click here for the online schedule.  Click here for a map!

3D Set Designs for Upcoming Episodes

Update!  It's been about a month since the release of the first episode, so how's the progress of the second one?

Overall, moving very slowly.  And it'll probably take a while to dish out the 3rd and 4th as well.  All the animation sprites (characters and objects) and 3D sets (the backgrounds of each scene) still require building and final touches, but once a large amount has been created, the episodes should be dished out at a quicker, more solid pace.  I would liken this to creating costumes and backdrops for a broadway show.  I mean, once they're created, all the show needs is the actors to don the costumes, stand in front of the sets, and act out their parts, which can be done over and over.  That's the overall goal of Cherry Weapon's release strategy.  Until then, there's lots to do and I appreciate the patience to those eagerly waiting.  The support is felt, and it will not go in vain.  =)

In the meantime, check out a few of 3D render samples below which will appear in scenes in Episode 2.  See the full Gallery posted in the Gallery Section.





Official Cherry Weapon Flyer!

The word "Official" makes things sound cooler.  Well, sometimes.  As episode 2 enters production, I thought I'd post something for you guys to check out in the meantime.  Hope you like.  Click the image to see the full size.

Episode 1 is ready for your enjoyment!

At long last.  Without further ado, I would like to announce that episode 1 of Cherry Weapon is now up and ready to view.  Recommendation!  Watch at 1080p and use speakers with good subs or put on awesome headphones.  Do the audio some justice.


UPDATE:  Subtitles have been added French, Spanish, and Japanese.  If there's any corrections need, please let me know via the Contact section.  OOORR visit the Archive section, click the "select Language" module below the video.  Here, all viewers have controls to modify and fix the subtitles!  Neat huh.

Episode release soon! In September!

Yup.  I got the most interesting man in the world to say it.  After much labor, it's official.  In order for Cherry Weapon's 1st episode to reach awesomeness overload, it will need a little bit more time, so September is the month of the release.  It's just around the corner.

But ALAS!  I have the release date!  The for-sure release date of Cherry Weapon's episode 1 is:


Cherry Weapon Episodes on Universal Subtitles

CW episodes (as soon as they exist) will have Universal Subtitles modules attached underneath on this website.  Awesome, right?  But wtf is it?

Universalsubtitles.org offers an easy-to-use interface to create subtitles of any language and attach it to most streaming video embedded on your site.  Great way to get your video across several language barriers (and to listening-impaired viewers), allowing your viewers to take part in creating their own subtitle tracks.  It's completely free to use, open-sourced, and there's nothing you need to download.

Wanna take part in the translation process?  Try it out!  Go to any video posted in the Archive and mouse over the module below and click "Select Language."  You can set the language, create a new track, improve one already posted, etc.

Because of the way it's embedded, the module for each episode is accessible only on Cherryweapon.com.


(Sorry, Safari has a little trouble viewing this)

Summer Heat and Upcoming Episode


It's August.  It's hot.

Not to worry.  I've been working furiously despite the heat (coming from outside and from my constantly rendering computer.  Hope it doesn't just die).  Episode one is going to be a doozy.  It's a lengthy intro to the series, and I say that since the subsequent episodes should average at 2-4 minutes in length.

I promised the release to be in August.  Mid August, that is.  Yeah, it's cheating, but I can't give an exact date just yet.  Only way to know the date is to check Cherryweapon.com often, follow me on Twitter, subscribe to CW on Youtube, yadda yadda.  The episode animation is getting final touch-ups and the next phase is sound design.  First impressions are important.  Also, to avoid copyright/royalty issues, the score will also be an original composition.  It's going to be interesting, considering I have little to no experience in musical composition to begin with.  Rest assured, the time I'm stealing before launch is being put into good use.  You guys are in for a treat.  

Also, ARE YOU NEW TO THIS SITE?!  Cool.  The tour section has been updated, so check it out.

Meanwhile, Cherry is hot.  Literally.


Check out the series' Official Teaser

A glimpse of what's to be released this August.  Hope it's something worth waiting for: