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Cherry Weapon Episodes on Universal Subtitles

CW episodes (as soon as they exist) will have Universal Subtitles modules attached underneath on this website.  Awesome, right?  But wtf is it?

Universalsubtitles.org offers an easy-to-use interface to create subtitles of any language and attach it to most streaming video embedded on your site.  Great way to get your video across several language barriers (and to listening-impaired viewers), allowing your viewers to take part in creating their own subtitle tracks.  It's completely free to use, open-sourced, and there's nothing you need to download.

Wanna take part in the translation process?  Try it out!  Go to any video posted in the Archive and mouse over the module below and click "Select Language."  You can set the language, create a new track, improve one already posted, etc.

Because of the way it's embedded, the module for each episode is accessible only on Cherryweapon.com.


(Sorry, Safari has a little trouble viewing this)

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