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PMX Panel = Complete! Now Back to Work.

Check it out.  A really accurate drawing depicting us at our "Independent Animation" Panel =)  (Dozzer on the left, Seraph on the right).
PMX has come and gone with lots of good memories and photos.  It's a new experience for us to host a panel and we're greatful for the turnout and how well our content was received.
For a quick recap, Seraph and I set up the stage for our Keynote Presentation.  We introduced ourselves as KOLOSSOL Entertainment and discussed Cherry Weapon's relationship to independent animation.  We then premiered episode 1 for the first time in front of a live audience and discussed key story elements.  Afterwards, we finished our time slot by outlining the step-by-step process of CW's animation style and holding a Q&A.
Many thanks to our fellow con attendees who joined us and a huge shout out to the LB crew for supporting us and helping us promote the panel.  Now that that's over with, must get back to work.  Episode 2 AND episode 3 are in the works, as well as animation tutorials.  Stay tuned.



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