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Introducing Tapastic! An awesome viewing experience for "The Middle Crowd"

I've decided to host "The Middle Crowd" on Tapastic!  It's a much better viewing experience AND is optimized better for mobile reading, which I feel most internet stuff is now consumed.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you download the app on your iPhone or Android phone and SUBSCRIBE!  (Please)  There's also a ton of other great comics to follow other than mine.

Below is Chapter 3 AND 4 of The Middle Crowd:

Click HERE to visit my Tapastic account!





The Middle Crowd: Late for Work Pt. 2

Second release!  Let me know what you think.  Judging by the response, I may keep this web comic series going!  To see the FULL GALLERY of this web comic, CLICK HERE!

NEW WEB COMIC! "The Middle Crowd"

Hey, everyone!  I present to you a web comic I'm trying out called "The Middle Crowd."  It follows the misadventures of Danny and his life working in retail as an electronics technician.  Take a look by clicking the image below!

For those wondering, this series does in fact take place in the same universe as Cherry Weapon ^_^.

This first part is called "Late to Work."  Click to check out the gallery!  (BTW, it's the first one, so it'll be the only thing there =P)


ALA Action Movie Collab is now RELEASED!

It brings me great joy to premiere the ALA parody action movie "COMBAT CONVENTION - Poolside vs. LobbyCon."  It's done, complete with an outtake reel at the end!  I hope you like it!  Please share and get it out there how much fun ALA attendees have!

ALA Parody Action Film Shoot Collab!

UPDATED Jan 11th, 2015

Hey, everyone!  Thanks to everyone who participated in this weekend's action film shoot.

Alas, the big weekend is over, but stay tuned!  I'm already editing everyone's footage together into one awesome mock Trailer!

For updates, follow here!  fb.com/dozzerproductions

The final video will be posted here:  youtube.com/dozzerproductions


Full Event Description:

Calling all attendees of ALA! We're planning to put together a silly action movie trailer featuring absolutely ANYONE who wants to participate. We're literally filming everything on an iPhone and using silly gun and explosion video FX apps to put it together!
--Watch this example video I made before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AKKYy1qAys
We plan to step it up even further!

Cosplay encouraged, but NOT REQUIRED! I'll film you in whatever outfit you show up in.

What's the story? This:
ALA: Faction War - Poolside vs. Lobbycon
Why ALA? Because that's where the party people are at.
The rest is going to be mostly improvised, and the more people that participate, the better the resulting video will be!

This video is intended to be random, silly, and fun. Nothing serious. I plan to film scenes here and there throughout the weekend and throughout the hotel area, so If I see you, let's film a quick scene! If you're interested in a being a more key character, let me know!


For the facebook event details, go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/378219599026888/

Hope you had a great ALA weekend!  I know I did ^_^

The New Approach! The Series Will Continue with a New Format!

Sincerest apologies for the 2-year hiatus since the last post -_-.  It's a crime, really.  To sum it up, a lot of stuff's been going on since, so the series had to be put on the backburner.  Other projects and commissions, learning of new programs, life events-you name it.  Unfortunately, projects that pay the bills have to take priority.  It's a bummer of a reality.

Also, the sheer amount of work to complete an episode working as a solo animator makes a regular release near impossible.  Episode 1 was a great achievement for me to finish, but it also set a very misleading standard for the quality of the next episodes to come.

Still, this series is near and dear to my heart.  I can guarantee you that the story waiting to unfold is vast and deep, and all I want to do is tell it.  That being said, I propose a NEW APPROACH to the story-telling medium of Cherry Weapon.  I ask everyone following the series to please bear with the changes.


Apologies for the Delay!

Hey, guys.  It's been a while since I've posted an update.  I just want to keep everyone in the loop for those anticipating the next episode.

As it turns out, we greatly underestimated the time needed to complete the next line of episodes, so to a new strategy we will go!  In an effort to move forward with series, we will direct our efforts to work on episodes as a batch rather than working just on episode 2.  This presents a challenge in specifying a release date, but the goal is to build a more consistent release rate.  In the meantime, please visit this site often for updates.  There's more to come as we approach the end of summer, and a release date will be posted in the near future.

No worries, my abstinence from video games and new anime is still in effect.  Now, back to work.

Panel/Weekend Recap @ FanimeCon 2012


Cherry in the Flesh!

Another year, another amazing Fanime! (Except for that blackout that affected pre-reg and at-con registration).  Thanks to all who joined our panel!  We now switch gears back to production mode.

In the meantime, it's my utmost pleasure to feature our friend Jessica (aka "the Shark") and her amazing Cherry cosplay.  The outfit was designed and created by her, and her time and effort to bring Cherry to life couldn't make us prouder.  Sample photos below!  Click here to see the FULL GALLERY!


Cherry Weapon at Fanime Con 2012!

As episode 2 and 3's production continues, I would like to cordially invite everyone to joining us at Fanime Con.  KOLOSSOL is hosting a panel on the 3rd day of the con.  The official title is "Indie Animation: Cherry Weapon."

Save the time and date:

Sunday, May 27th, 12PM-1PM

Location: Panel Room 1

For details on Fanime.com, click here!

If you've had the opportunity to join us back during PMX 2011, I invite you to join us again!  We've got some new content coming your way.  You can't miss it!

About Fanime

Proudly sporting its well-known tagline "By fans, for fans," Fanime is the largest fan-run anime convention on the West Coast (or world? I'm not familiar with other fan-run cons).  If you swing by the San Jose Convention Center on Memorial Day weekend, you'll find yourself neck-deep in the festivities, surrounded by cosplayers and badge-wielding anime fans.  With over 20,000 attendees last year, the con continues to grow. 

Full Panel Listing

Check out the panel's promotional video!  (It might look familiar, in more ways than one).